hi all ..
my name is martika. this is the fact about me:

  1.  i'm from indonesia and currently live in japan with my husband and 2 kids.
  2.  i named my shop "kenjiku", it's from my 2 kids' nick name KENan and JIhan, and i added with KU means mine (indonesian languange).
  3. first time i knew and learnt about crochet when i was in primary school, in craft education class.
  4. i started my own small business about 5 years ago, with all ups and downs. but I'm happy though :D
  5. i'm interior designer who's worked as interior designer only 1 year !
  6. i'm a full time mother and also a housewife.
  7. but now i choose my new passion as crafter, especially crochet accessories and crochet pattern maker.
  8. i'm a typical homy person. love to stay at home, i only enjoyed being outside if i really need it or if someone accompany me :p
  9. i hate to cook but i have to!
  10. i love rainy day and autumn :)
  11. i'm a true fans of debbie gibson.. some of my friends will smile about this. i'm 90's era girl ;p
  12. i love 13..
  13. dream is nothing without trying :) 

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